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I wrote a lesbian retelling of St. George and the Dragon (you can learn a little more about that here). You can hop over to the publisher’s site to see an excerpt and get the whole story if you’re so inclined.

Please click over and read. If you can help please donate what you can to help Heather to help Scout. Any little bit helps.

This is the cover for the anthology in which my story, “Dragon Slayer,” will appear. It’s got a princess and a dragon and some lady kisses. You can read it April 23rd.

poetofthewinter asked: Did you ever feel like you would be single forever?

Answer: Of course! I have a bizarre perspective on this question. I met my wife when I was eighteen and a freshman in college. But even with that in mind, I spent most of the years leading up to that point worried about being “single forever.” It’s hard to be patient when you’re ready to find your person. She or he is out there so keep your eyes peeled.

I hope that answered your question. —LH

Thank you to Whitney (@wqueen1) for sending me this. My life is complete and I may just stare at this for the rest of the day.

Thank you to Whitney (@wqueen1) for sending me this. My life is complete and I may just stare at this for the rest of the day.


Edwidge Danticat at Brooklyn Public Library, 1/16/14

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Let Camp NaNoWriMo begin!


One of the best things about my life, both personally and professionally, is having the great good fortune to work with these ladies listed below. In an internet full of navel-gazing white noise, they’re about stuff that really matters. Like making fun happen and being awesome ambassadors for the online gay community. Following is loving.

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I am a giant fan of all these ladies (as writers and as people) and legitimately amazed on a regular basis by how kind and generous they all are.


a little sparia hot in here 

This made me laugh so hard I couldn’t pass it up.

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Sometimes being a kid feels like being handed a stack of puzzle pieces and having to figure out how to put them together. Maybe you like sports or comic books. Maybe you really like to read and do wheelies on your bike. You take those pieces and you set them down and eventually you start to get a picture of yourself. For those of us who are gay, sometimes we got a piece we didn’t want. There was space to be a hockey player, and there was a space to play in the band, and there was a space to like books, but there was no space to feel like you wanted to die when your best friend went to that dance with that stupid boy.

They looked at the shape you were making and declared it wrong. They told you that you were supposed to like that boy in your chemistry class. They told you the shape you were supposed to make with all of those pieces of yourself. But you couldn’t do it. Every time you arranged them, every time you started to put them together you could see they weren’t going to make the right shape. So you pocketed a couple pieces here, and you broke the edge off a couple more, there. It didn’t feel like you any more but it fit.

Oh to live in a world where everyone has a Lena who gives them the freedom to be a teenager and to decide if you like art and sports and whether the guy you like is more Caleb than Toby or whether “he” actually looks more like Emily Fields. That world is coming. It’s coming one Lena and Jude scene at a time. It’s coming one conversation with my children at a time. That world is coming and it warms my heart that my children will never have to take pieces of themselves and stuff them deep in their pockets, or break them apart to try to be anything but who they are, or to try to love anyone but the person who sees every single piece and says “beautiful.”

My last The Fosters recap of season one. 

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