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I seriously cannot wait for the day when I can be curled up in my bed, going over my case files from work and you come straggling in, throw off your clothes and put on my college sweatshirt, put your hair up, put your glasses on, and snuggle up into my side smelling like our child’s shampoo.

She looks her best in my old t-shirt, a messy ponytail, and her glasses. Our kids’ shampoo smells like watermelon bubblicious. 

The Fosters brings it in this episode and I try my best to keep up.

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All right nutter, 1, 5, 19.
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You’re so mean to me, Lucy! 

1. Write your URL in some writing that you thought were super cool when you were younger. Eg, bubble letters, digital clock letters, letters with lots of embellishments, or letters with smiley faces in them.


I basically used to think I was a professional artist because I could do bubble letters. With shading. If you find any scrap of paper that ever crossed my path in any of my school-aged years, you’ll find bubble letters. In fact, you’ll probably find some in my grown-up work notebook, too. 

5. Name three things you like about yourself.


(I hope you can read that…)

I hate doing this and Lucy knows I hate doing this which is why she picked it. She’s like a self-confidence bully. Trying to force me to be all nice about myself. 

19. Write an autograph version of your URL.


Ooo I like this! I might legally change my name.

FYI, in case you missed it: These are my answers for the Handwritten Post meme. 

knew you had been a bubble letter kid (which is why I asked)! Now I have proof. 

This is officially the best thing I have ever done on the internet. I can die happy.

It’s harder to find pictures of the Kenosha Comets team than some of the others (Rockford seems to have the most). But I found a couple.


Some updates in the censorship of The Miseducation of Cameron Post!
That pic above is a photo of some of the copies of Cameron Post that Browseabout Books has gotten in stock due to this fiasco. Read about how the bookstore is giving those books away here.
The Cape Gazette, the local paper who first broke this story, also has a new story up about the response that the school board has received since they pulled Cameron Post from the list.
And Delaware Online reports about last night’s (July 11) school board meeting in which Cameron Post was discussed, though apparently not re-added to the list. There will be another school board meeting to discuss this again on July 24.
NBC Philadelphia has this summation of what happened, as well as some new quotes from Roni Posner, the one board member who did not support removing the book from the list: “It’s really a stunner to me that we did that.”

Look at all those books! This situation sucks hard but seeing so many people buy books for strangers fills me with a lot of hope.


Some updates in the censorship of The Miseducation of Cameron Post!

Look at all those books! This situation sucks hard but seeing so many people buy books for strangers fills me with a lot of hope.

(via malindalo)

Within just a few hours of learning of your decision, I received an email from a teen reader going into her sophomore year of high school. Which means that, if we’re doing the math, she was in exactly the age group that you’ve deemed “not yet prepared” for my novel when she read it. This student told me a little about the difficulties she’s having getting her parents to accept her sexuality, adding: “…the way you describe Cameron and her challenges, made me fall completely in love with her as well as see parts of myself in her…Your writing completely captivated me, and I hope I will be able to do that someday.”

I think it’s incredibly unfortunate that your decision to remove my book from your summer reading list may well keep a student just like this one—a student who might be too embarrassed or unsure to, on their own, pick up a novel with subject matter like mine—from choosing my book “safely” as part of a larger class assignment.

Author emily m. danforth, writing to the Cape Henlopen School Board, about their decision to remove her novel The Miseducation of Cameron Post from their summer reading list (via diversityinya)

I was the kid who needed this book to be assigned for class. Without that type of safe cover, I would have been too petrified to read it.

I wish I had this book when I was in high school. I wish a teacher had handed it to me and said “this is your assignment.” It would have changed high school for me.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting the word out on Cameron Post. There's no way I would have heard of the book otherwise, and it's been amazing how much this novel has spoken to me as queer girl who lost a parent at a young age. Thanks for fighting the good fight.
gayathomemom gayathomemom Said:

You are welcome. I am so happy to hear that you found Cam Post and that it spoke to you. It’s a book that all of us feel so fortunate to have read. It is truly a book I wish had been around when I was a teenager. I think it would have changed my life even more at that age than it did at 33. I am lucky to work with some truly remarkable women and we were all inspired by this incredible book to fight back. Thank you for letting us know that it helped you find Cam.